"I’ve Asked Miller To Say A Few Words" New and Exciting Ways to Improve Speaking and Presentation Skills Through the Use of Improvisational Comedy Techniques --
By Cherie Kerr -- foreword by Phil Hartman. $14.95 
"When I Say This … ," "Do You Mean That?" Enhancing On-The-Job Communication Skills Using The Rules and The Tools of The Improv Comedy Player --
By Cherie Kerr -- foreword by Julia Sweeney -- Techniques That Revolutionize Workplace Communication. $17.95 
"What's So Funny?" How to Get Humor and Good Storytelling into Your Speeches and Presentations --
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"Death By PowerPoint:" How To Avoid Killing Your Presentation and Sucking the Life Out of Your Audience -- By Cherie Kerr -- The Book That Brings PowerPoint to Life. Your Tip-Kit for the Effective Use of PowerPoint. $17.95


"Build To Laugh:" How To Construct Sketch Comedy With The Fast and Funny Formula --
By Cherie Kerr -- $14.95