Cherie Kerr, an award winning writer, publicist and author of seven books, debuted her first "non self-help book," a memoir about her father's life, Charlie's Notes--a book that was eight years in the making.

While Kerr has worked as a public relations consultant for the past 30 years, she also heads ExecuProv, a company that provides public speaking and communications skills training to Fortune 500 executives. Through her work with that enterprise she has produced several books including "I've Asked Miller to Say a Few Words," "When I Say This…Do You Mean That?" "What's So Funny?" and Death by Power Point: How to Avoid Killing Your Presentation and Sucking the Life Out of Your Audience. She also has written a book, Networking Skills that Will Get You the Job You Want.

In addition to Kerr's work as a publicist and writer, she is also well known for her work in the field of comedy. A founding member of the famed inprov comedy company, the L.A. Groundlings, Kerr founded her own comedy organization, the Orange County Crazies, that has been providing both sketch and improvisational comedy to the community of Orange County, California since 1990. As a result of Kerr teaching improv and sketch comedy, she penned Build to Laugh: How to Construct Sketch Comedy With the Fast and Funny Formula which is used as a training manual at Second City in Chicago. It is also used by numerous comedy organizations throughout the country.

Kerr, who has written sketch comedy for the past 25 years, is the head writer for the Crazies, and also serves as story editor for many of the sketches written by cast members. In the past seven years alone, Kerr has written more than 400 original sketches. A member of ASCAP, Kerr has also written, produced, and directed a full-scale musical comedy.

Kerr was listed not long ago in Orange Coast Magazine as one of Orange County's 10 most sensational people for her many accomplishments.