Charlie's Notes - a memoir

Author Cherie Kerr has chronicled the life and times of her musical father, Charlie DePietro, who appeared in more than 50 feature films in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and played twice as many private parties at the homes of such celebrities as Judy Garland, Bob Hope, Steve Allen and Howard Hughes, to name but a few.

Charlie’s Notes spans a century—from 1900 to 2003—starting with Kerr’s Italian immigrant grandparents’ arrival in New York. She finishes the tale with her father’s death as he tragically succumbs to Alzheimer’s in August 2003.

"Charlie 'Carluchi' DePietro's musical career provides exciting, first-hand experiences with some of the biggest jazz and Hollywood players from the golden era of the 20th century. His daughter, author Cherie Kerr, has detailed a deeply personal and touching account of the cruel effects of Alzheimer's as it robs Charlie of the memories most precious to him. Charlie's Notes is a vivid depiction of the unique life of an Italian American who, through his passion to play and the love of his family, made his dreams of music greatness come true."
Keely Baribeau
E! Entertainment Television
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Charlie's Notes
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